I am an Australian now living in France. This is my first foreign language country and while I imagined myself as fearless and an adventurer I am more of a slow transtioner type. I study by correspondence in English and learn French everywhere else. My french husband is very patient as is our fluffy only english speaking Golden Retriever, Goofy.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am doing the same – studying through correspondence with an American Uni. Wave of the future! But yeah, I have found it tough to learn French after spending all day in ‘English’!

    • God YES! Sometimes it’s the general speed of the french too… I do what Seb calls “the pause of silence” and then say to the person “doucement” (slowly)! It works but then I worry that they may speak to me like a mentally slow person….
      Being accompanied by Sebastien helps but usually after 10pm unless fueled by alcohol my brain shuts down. I call this the 9am to 10pm rule. Before and after these times unless assisted by alcohol (And I don’t drink much so it’s a rare event) I cannot speak French. This is not a choice, this is the way my brain operates. DESOLE!

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