Nearly there

So the boxes are looking full, the suitcases are nearly packed. My room looks like n empty shell. And I am contemplating my next attack. It’s so hard. I believe fully in the 80/20 theory. The last 20% is the hardest. It took me only 20% of my time to do 80% of the work. It’s driving me nuts, REALLY nuts. And of course I would prefer to do my blogging!

For those of you interested I shipped all my boxes through a really nice little brisbane shipping company.They really were great, emailed me all the info, were close by to home. AND could ship to my door in France. There is an agent that deals with my customs and all I had to do was drop it off! Combine that with a really great price and I am extremely pleased. Basically other companies wanted double and delivery was only available to LYON! Lyon is about 12 hours away from me. Not exactly convenient nor economical.

Other than that I am getting a little pathetic about Australia, things like vegimite on toast with tasty COON cheese has been my staple breakfast for the last week. Eating real chinese rather than French style chinese. Milo and timtam mashup icecream from the coldrock icecreamery. Apples that crunch in your mouth, the juice crisp on your tongue and the stickyness dribbling down your chin.

Things like making myself walk outside and feel the sun on my face in the middle of winter. Visiting my mother out west and eating a HUGE rump steak. Playing in grass that may have spiders, bugs, ticks, snakes and every other kind of Australian death. Walking my obese dog Wally. And lastly walking along Australia’s famous white sandy beaches after 4WDing to get most of the way.

But yes I am nearly there, I am nearly packed, but I nearly have all my memories packed too. I am nearly with the man I love and nearly in France. Wish me luck for starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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